Friday, June 22, 2012

First Impressions: Mizon ALL IN ONE SNAIL REPAIR CREAM + Mizon Snail Recovery Gel Cream

I have been hearing so many good things about snail creams! So eager to try them out, especially now when my skin is getting older and older. Sigh~

Anyway, here is some information on snail creams and how they are good for you!

What is snail cream?
  • It's a moisturiser that is rich in snail secretion filtrate. It's basically the slime that the snail produces to rapidly repair any damage to its organ, including its skin. A good visual will be when a snail has a crack in its shell, it produces this slime to rapidly repair its cracked shell! And yes, it's a very irksome concept because we are dealing with slime here, but well there's always groundbreaking discoveries in the skincare industry, no? At least, this is natural! 
Are we killing snails to get the snail secretion filtrate?
  • Definitely not. The slime is extracted from live snails without any harm done to the snails themselves. 
Is it safe to use on human skin? You know snail organs are not similar to human skin!
  • Well, I'm not a scientist so I can't really answer this question myself. However, after a quick google, the slime is actually immediately homogenized and stabilised to make it suitable for usage on human skin. Something about avoiding hydrolysis os its enzymes and proteins. I'm really bad at chemistry so pardon my jarring ignorance and refusal to learn properly haha. 
Main ingredients in snail secretion filtrate:
  • Allantoin - healing, moisturizing and soothing benefits; this made it possible to use even on sensitive skin. 
  • Collagen - every woman's best friend, FIRM THOSE CELLS TIGHT. 
  • Elastin - protein that helps to keep skin flexible but tight; helps with the "bounce-back skin" concept, which in long term helps with wrinkles and fine lines.
  • Glycolic Acid - exfoliating agent for smoother skin by removing dead skin cells. 

For more information, refer to this: 

Benefits of using snail creams:
  • Relieve trouble marks
  • Improve fine lines and wrinkles
  • Tighten pores
  • Make skin smoother
  • Improve resilience of the skin (bounce-back effect)
  • Recover the strength of the skin (something like immune system)
I can go on and on about the benefits, but you get the point, IT'S JUST TOO GOOD TO MISS RIGHT? So of course I was on cloud nine when I saw Mizon All In One Snail Repair Cream going for a much more affordable price on Qoo10. JUST BUY!

Another plus point was that the seller was having a buy-one-get-another-product-free promotion! I think it's still going on! Do visit the link below if you are interested in the product! :) 

Pictures time! :D

Delivery was a very pleasant process. I ordered on 13th June, the seller confirmed and sent out my order on the 14th, and I received it on the 21st. It's from S. Korea and they deliver to YOUR DOORSTEP. Madness service, I tell you! 

My free product was the Mizon Snail Recovery Gel Cream, and the seller included 2 sachets of the All In One Snail Repair Cream in the packaging. Very nice of the seller! :)

I realised whenever you buy beauty or skincare product from Korean sellers, they will not fail to include free samples. AMAZING SERVICE.

The Mizon Snail Recovery Gel Cream is a multi-purpose product:

  1. can be used together with the Repair Cream to accelerate the regeneration of skin cells, or
  2. can be used alone as a sleeping mask. 

This product has 74% of snail secretion filtrate, while the Repair Cream has 92%!

Ingredients List

Came sealed, so I was assured that it was authentic. 

The texture of the Gel Cream is a very light one. It's as if you are applying very beneficial water on your skin. I don't think there's any oil used in the product also, so it's definitely good for those with oily skin! 

First impressions:
  • No sticky feeling
  • Absorbed very very very quickly
  • Skin feels smooth and somewhat matte
  • Fragrance-free (major plus point because it's snail slime and people expect it to be smelly and all) 
  • Dabbing actually help to make the product get absorbed faster

It was recommended that the Gel Cream is only used AFTER you use the Repair Cream, which is what I'm going to talk about next!

Ingredients List
Note that this is supposed to be used RIGHT AFTER cleansing and toning. What I do is usually apply this after my toner, and then my Philosophy Hope in a Jar Oil-Free Gel and then the Mizon Snail Recovery Gel Cream!

Came nicely packaged...

Product packaging itself is very hygienic-looking. I know the term "hygienic-looking" is a rather odd term to use, but you know that kind of packaging that makes you feel like it came out of a lab and it's for sure going to work kind. HAHA. It's just professional looking and expensive looking and all those good stuff. 

Came with a cover, so that's very good too! No more sticky mess on the cover (unless you are really terrible at being tidy and clean).

The cream itself feels more thick than the Gel Cream. It's also definitely more opaque visually.

First impressions:

  • Absorbed into the skin crazily quick. WOAH. 
  • Not sticky AT ALL even though it was thicker in formulation. 
  • Fragrance-free (WOOHOO)
  • I think this is also water-based and oil-free
  • The amazing thing is when I applied it for the first time, I had a raw pimple scar (Ya, I burst a fully ripe one, itchy fingers I KNOW I KNOW), so it was red and ugly and urgh. The next morning, my skin was very evidently less red, and not so oily. It's crazy! What is this miraculous cream!?!
  • No tingly sensation/itchy feeling after you apply it. 
  • Until now, I have no unexpected skin reactions towards the cream, so yay! 
I'm FOR SURE going to continue using the products, it's crazy miraculous! :D GO GO BUY IT! Qoo10 having Great Singapore Sale some more, DOUBLE YAY!

UPDATE on September 2012 (above post was written on 22nd June 2012):

I have stopped using this product because it gave me crazy breakouts. The reason why I'm getting help medically for my troubled skin now was partly because of this product. Hence, if you are someone who has oily skin, please refrain from using this product! 

However, I gave the product to my mom and it seemed to be working wonders on her. Her skin type is dry-normal and she even noticed firming effects after 2 months of using it! 

So, my verdict is, only use it if you have dry-normal skin type! 


yoga gear said...

Hi just wondering if you are still using the cream and if you recommend it?

Fitrina Lim said...

HI there! Thanks for reading this post!

I definitely will not recommend it if you have excessively oily skin. I had quite bad breakouts after using this product and had to get treated medically for it. :(

However, after giving it to my mom, it worked wonders for her. I guess it's because her skin type is more of dry-normal type? It works best for her skin and she even saw firming effects!

Once again, thanks for reading! :)

小哥迷 said...


Were you using these two products consistently (the recovery and repair cream/gel) everyday, like twice a day?

You mentioned you used another product as the 2nd layer, could your skin problems that occurred after this be a result of the combination?

What happened to your skin? Red, irritated, clogged pores?

I have excessively oily skin and I just bought this product (and a couple others including the snake venom thingy for my mom) from Mizon..and used it once or twice. So far, so good. it has toned down my reddened skin :X

I'm a 20++ singaporean girl :D same climate, same skin (although oilier and more susceptible to break outs)

Fitrina Lim said...

Hi there!

I didn't use it twice a day, only used it at night.

And yup, I used the combination. Actually before this I had some clogged pores already, however after I used this combination the clogged pores became full blown pimples (huge with pus in them). I initially thought it was because the products are detoxifying my cells, hence the initial breakout.

However, I gave it another week's trial and it really made my skin condition worse. Perhaps my oily skin was allergic to certain ingredients used in the product? I'm quite glad I tried it out though - now I know what kind of ingredients I have to avoid for my skincare products!

Because of this, I'm now getting medication and such stuff and it's healing, but really really slowly. :(

I guess if it's working out for you then that's a relief!! I didn't want this to happen to anyone else and hence I updated the blogpost. Glad that it went well for you! :)

Thanks for reading my post! :)

Jaimie Ong said...

Hi! Where did you order the products? Can you provide us with the link? Many thanks!

Fitrina Lim said...

Hi Jaimie!

Thanks for reading! I actually provided the link in my post!

But here it is:


Jasmine Lim Yu Qian said...

Hey, interesting post, lol-ed at your rant on snail mucus.
Oh, I just bought one bottle from the same seller. Hope it doesn't give me breakouts! Maybe i shall using it solely as night cream. How was the recovery gel? Did you try it without the cream?

Fitrina Lim said...

Hi Jasmine!

Thanks for reading! :)

The recovery gel was quite a pleasant product to work with because it is absorbed quickly and it left no sticky residue or feeling.

However, as mentioned above, I started to have really bad breakouts so I didn't get a chance to try the recovery gel on its own. For that week, I used both products simultaneously.

It's great for my mom though! So it depends on what type of skin you have! :)

The Skin Shop Singapore said...

Hi gals,

We would like to introduce TheSkinShop Premium Secret Snail VItal Mucin Cream which 90% of snail slime filtrate. It come with pump packaging for hygiene and easy use.

We also invite blogger to review our Snail Cream, kindly drop us an email.

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Fitrina Lim said...

Hi! Thanks for reading my blog! As of now, I don't think I'm interested in trying out the snail cream because my face had a bad reaction to one before. However, thank you so much for the offer! :)

Eve said...

Having breakouts after using the snail cream is normal!
You have to continue using it and it will go away. the cream pushes all the bad gunk to the surface!!
I broke out after a week of using the cream and i just kept at it, and now i hardly get pimples any more!

lollipopgraceE said...

Aw man its horrible that the combination made you break out! I'm thinking of buying the gel for my sensitive acne prone skin cause I saw a lot of reviews that said it helped their acne, but I also read that the cream broke out a lot of people so maybe it was your combination that didn't work?

Fitrina Lim said...

Hi, thanks for reading my blog!

Maybe the combination did break me out. However, I was following the steps indicated on the seller's page, so at first I didn't know which of the product broke me out.

Also, my skin may be allergic to snail-related skincare products.

smashinbeauty said...

it contains mineral oil.. that is why you broke out..

Fitrina Lim said...

Hi! Thanks for reading my blog!

Yeah, I thought so too. My skin is really sensitive and acne prone, so the slightest presence of oil can aggravate the condition. That's why when I started breaking out, I took that as an indication to stop straight away. Now, I finally know why I broke out! Thanks for your advice! :)

Vanesha said...


Thanks for the great review, and of course for the update.

My skin is supeerr oily with huge pores problem lol, so I was thinking about trying the cream, but I think I need to reconsider,, ;)

Vivian Tan said...

Hi and thanks for your reviews. As a skincare junkie, I really appreciate all these blogs that update us about products.

I personally am using the Mizon Snail All in one repair cream. I like it because of the texture and feel, but am not sure it's doing anything much for my skin. It hasn't broken me out though! And I have oily, very sensitive skin that breaks out whenever I am sleep deprived, in a new polluted environment, or have clogged pores due to make up/whatever.

Sigh, bane of my life!

Vivian said...

I feel so happy that I am in good company. I have oily, acne prone skin, and always break out when I am in a polluted environment or if I don't sleep enough, or when it's the time of the month! I have often regarded my skin as the bane of my life!

I tried the Mizon snail cream too. It didn't break me out but did absolutely nothing for my skin. I could be wrong but my feel is that there is a lot of fillers in the product and not much nutrients in the mixture. Again, I don't know the ingredient list, but it really feels like I'm just putting starch on my face.

(Incidentally, the consistency of my pot of cream looks very different from yours - yours looks like a white cream; mine was more translucent and gooey in texture. Not sure if it was a reformulation or something.)

Fitrina Lim said...

Thanks for reading my blog guys! :)

Vanesha: Glad the review was useful for you. Did you use the cream in the end? Did you like it?

Vivian Tan: Our oily, acne prone skin is really frustrating! I hope your skin is getting better though. And yes, I think they reformulated the product because I saw these products in a retail store and the consistency was like yours. Either that or I received a faulty/fake product? I hope not!

Anonymous said...

Hey Fitrina!

I just bumped into your blog about the "Mizon All-in-One Repair cream" and it sucks for me right now. I've ordered this one two weeks ago and was so excited about trying it out due its popularity and because my old "Etude House Moistfull Soothing Cream (eeh? idk)" had approaching its ending some weeks ago (;_;) Anyways, my first try gave me a very impressed effect! My skin was softer, brighter and it was like love at the first whip haha. By the third day, it began to getting weird. My face didn't got irritated (that's what I wished to think) but my skin became a little bit rough? Especially my cheeks. It didn't feel like "comforable tight" but just "sickening tight" and my left cheek got red bumps, but it wasn't painful or itchy. Today is the second day of my "breakout" and I stopped using it for now. I'm still in hope, that the cream isn't the reason for my bad skin condition because I really want to love it.. damn it hurts to read that you also have oily skin-type. Anyways, if had researched better about possible breakouts, I wouldn't bought it.

Katelyn Lee